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Sneak Peek from Upstart Press!

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Teaching a new class carries a buzz of excitement with it - especially when it's an exam class.

It's an opportunity to bounce familiar ideas around with unfamiliar faces; the best classes will keep you on your toes, challenging your interpretations and your relationships with writers and their texts.

I'm keeping a colleague's seat warm for a few weeks, meaning I've inherited a KS5 class with the target of getting #ChristinaRossetti's poetry under their belts for the #OCR #ALevelEnglish course. So, this has given me the opportunity to review my teaching materials and begin to crystallise them into what's fast becoming a #studyguide on Rossetti - the first #UpstartPress publication, when finished.

Here's a sample spread from the guide! The eventual exam task is 50% AO3 - that's context, for the unfamiliar - so it's vital students understand the Victorian world as well as the lives and works of Victorian authors. This spread deals with attitudes to death.

I hope you find it useful - please feel free to comment on the content and/or the layout, as it's early days for both. I am aiming for something clear, clean and colourful (there will be lots of colour-coding in the guide).

Did I get it right, so far?

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