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Unlocking ... Macbeth #1

I need your help ...

What you see below is a prototype for a potential series of resources. Not just on Macbeth, but on a whole range of texts from the GCSE and A Level specifications. The format is pretty simple:

  • 'dual-coding' icon (aids memory retention);

  • quotation (with enough space for annotation);

  • guidelines about how to analyse the quotation (aligned to the Assessment Objectives - in this case, WJEC; and

  • a model answer

I've been playing with the layout for a while, mostly struggling because I was determined to follow my heart, not my head, and use a landscape layout. But I think it's read to show you all. In return, I want your feedback, before I produce any more of these. Specifically I want to know:

  • what if anything is good about this;

  • importantly, how it can be improved; and

  • as the 'small print' on the right hand side says, which text/quotations would you like to see more of these on?

Please get in touch - I need critical friends to make this a resource which works!

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