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Read The World!

Want to find titles to widen your horizons, but don't know where to begin?

Help is at hand!


You might have been on a 'staycation' this summer and need an escape. Or you've visited (or are about to visit) another country and want to get a flavour of it ...

I wrote this guide for my KS4 and KS5 classes, to give them some guidance as they begin to read the world. Tick off the countries you've visited, and the texts you have read!

There should be something for everyone here, with texts dating from 1818 to 2020, and genres from horror to family saga, via magic realism and science fiction! I have tried to cover all continents, and restricted myself to just a single title per country - that was particularly difficult when it came to Nigeria and France: countries with great literary traditions.

You can download the full-sized PDF below. Each of the pages is sized to print at A3.

As ever, all I ask in return is feedback! If I were to update this resource next year, what should be in the 2023 version?

Download PDF • 2.01MB

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