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Revising Key Quotations: Pro Tip

A quotation from Marlowe's Dr Faustus, with metre annotations and a 70-word A-Level analysis.
Dr Faustus Key Quotation #01

Lots of students fall into the trap of memorising as many key quotations as they can. But how useful is this strategy, if you haven't thought about what you might actually say if that quotation actually proves useful?

In fact, for any exam text, there are probably fewer quotations needed than most people think. Your skills - and marks - come from:

  1. picking the right quotation to support what you're saying [AO1]; and

  2. analysing the quotation fully and expertly [AO2]

When I was regularly blogging about Shakespeare, I used to do this sort of quick analysis on 'Forensic Fridays'.

I need your help!

This feels like an evolution of what I used to do. Maybe the back of a revision flash-card which is fronted simply by a representative icon. But ... it feels a little busy (even though the other side would be very 'clean', just to provoke students' memories.

What would YOU like to see from his kind of product?

Which texts would you like to see these for? Get in touch by commenting below ...

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