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KISSing KS3 Marking

Does it really have to be any more complicated than this?


Of course, I hear you say, I would contend that the English Teacher's marking workload far surpasses most if not all other subjects ...

But it's true.

For all the clichés about 'every teacher being a literacy teacher', and so on, it almost inevitably falls to us to mark in more detail than almost any other subject, with the exception of MFL.

Which means I'm constantly on a crusade to streamline my marking, and at the same time make it more effective - hence this new KS3 resource. That plus the recognition that my handwriting is appalling, so the value of lots of hand-written feedback is potentially diminished!

Stripping it back to the very basics, my process is roughly the following:

  1. identify and share the overall goal and how it fits into the bigger picture of the subject;

  2. explore and model the components of this mini-topic, with low-stakes practice, opportunities to learn collaboratively, etc;

  3. set the formative piece, when I think the students are ready. Students ought to be able, with some assistance, identify 5 key ingredients of success (I stick to 5 to avoid cognitive overload), and they write down the agreed success criteria in the grid (along with their names, etc);

  4. students attempt the task, knowing in advance what they need to do to succeed;

  5. completing the grid should quickly and visually identify WHAT needs to improve -then it's down to me deal with the HOW - this could be in individual feedback; signposting to other resources; or actually if the whole class simply hasn't achieved something, finding an alternative way of teaching it

The resource puts four of these grids onto a sheet of A4. As with all the resources I'm posting here, please let me know, if you use them, how you get on. I really value suggestions about how they can be streamlined or improved.

UPSTART KS3 marking grid
Download PDF • 26KB

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