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HELP! The 2021 Reading River

Students, colleagues, readers, lend me your ears ...

If there's anything I like as much as reading or teaching literature, it's designing and producing resources, but I also like (and need) to 'destruct-test' them before they're 'released into the wild' ...

That's where YOU come in.


When I began my teacher training, one of the things we discussed, and were encouraged to do, was to keep a 'reading river', which I have done in various ways since. The main record is a couple of simple spreadsheets.

But as I've said in recent posts, I feel more driven to champion reading in 2021, and to make it easier to give recommendations - whilst at the same time mindful that the teaching life is a busy one, and I probably won't always have the time to produce the type of review I wrote for The State Counsellor. I also want something I can:

- print and display in my classroom;

- email out in response to the requests I get;

- set up as for a 'currently reading' sticky post; and

- post on Instagram

So here's the prototype, based on what I'm currently reading. Please let me know what you think! Specifically, how do the following work for you?

- dark background and colour scheme;

- the type of information provided (is anything missing?); and

- how easily understandable the icons and badges are

Thank you!

As I've got into the habit of doing recently, here's a PDF version, should you want one.

RR prototype
Download PDF • 208KB

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