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Dracula LAN P1 Resource

Almost inevitably, after mentioning the Dracula resource in my last post, I was asked about it.

So here it is.


We know that at some stage in their Language exams, students will be dealt a 19th Century text, so it makes sense to keep them as familiar as possible with the conventions and vocabulary of the period as possible, especially if like my school, you have decided not to pursue the 19thC novel as part of the changes to the 2021 Literature exams.

I've picked one of my favourite, very descriptive passages. To stretch a bit, I've made some suggestion in Q4 that there is a definite element of dramatic irony to Jonathan Harker's opening diary entries, which I think adds to the fun.

The resource is pretty closely aligned to the AQA specification, as are the marking grids, but page 1 can be used standalone if you have your own questions to ask.

If you do use it, please do let me know how it works for you, and any suggestions you have for improving it.

Download PDF • 184KB

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