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Coming Soon: A Level AO3 Context Timelines

A behind-the-scenes look at the resource factory ...

A screenshot of my workspace when using Affinity Publisher 2 - on the screen I am working on a template for author timelines to help students with their AO3 (context).
If I told you I actually enjoy this ... ?

Welcome to my Friday night! Some of us are just so rock'n'roll ...

One of the biggest issues A Level Lit students seem to have is with AO3: Context. Problems seem to fall into two categories:

  1. if your research skills aren't great, finding relevant useful material on your own is time-consuming and hit-and-miss;

  2. then you need the thinking and writing skills necessary to use your research to: "demonstrate understanding of the significance and influence of the context in which texts are written and received" in your essays

So, this resource is designed to help with problem 1. The template is probably going to run to a two-page spread at A4 covering a century of relevant personal, social, and historical context for the exam text and author.

If you need help with problem 2, get in touch!

I'm going to produce a series of these for A Level authors. Christopher Marlowe's probably coming first to help two of my current tutees with their WJEC Unit 1 exam on Dr Faustus ...

Who do YOU want to see next?

PS: if you're wondering which software I'm using, it's the wonderfully versatile and reasonably-priced Affinity Publisher 2.

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