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My mission is simple: to boost your confidence; to equip you with the skills you need to succeed in your English exams; and hopefully to instil a lifelong love for the subject in you.  

Let's achieve your potential together.

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Abel Guerrero

Based in the lovely Cumbrian market town of Ulverston, September 2020 sees me begin my eighth year of teaching English at GCSE and A Level, offering private tuition for most of this time.


I'm very proud of my consistent track record of exam success with students of all abilities.  For example, in Summer 2019, I was delighted to have my A Level Literature class achieve an

A*-C pass rate of 90.9%, against a national average of 70.9%.

Take a moment to look at my Testimonials, below.  Whilst my subject knowledge is very broad, I specialise in the areas students - and many English teachers - find tricky:  Shakespeare, Victorian Literature, and Poetry

I hold a First Class BA (Hons) in English Literature, achieving a 'First' in every module and exam, and was awarded the English Faculty's Staff Departmental Prize on graduation.



I offer bespoke, skills-based English tuition, designed to complement - not undermine - your existing studies, build your confidence, and help you deal with ANYTHING the exam paper throws at you ...

Face to Face Tuition



GCSE / A Level; Language or Literature

I can offer high-quality tuition in Ulverston or very close by, at a mutually convenient location or your home.  You can be reassured that like all qualified teachers, I am DBS background-checked, with further training in Safeguarding Children and Young People.

STUDY BUDDIES:  get together with your friends for small, intensive sessions, and reduce the amount you pay per person.  Ask for details.

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GCSE / A Level; Language or Literature

No matter where you live, we can meet online at a pre-scheduled time to work on your English skills and prepare you for success in your exams or coursework.

Let's chat about your requirements.

Adult Students



GCSE / A Level / Degree

Of course I won't write your essays or coursework for you, but I do offer a forensic marking service that provides a detailed commentary on your work, based on the Assessment Objectives your exam board or faculty has set.  

Contact me for examples of how I can help you polish your work.

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Upstart Press - the only English textbooks you'll need.

I'm currently developing a range of comprehensive, skills-based textbooks for GCSE and A Level.  

Ask for a free sample, and for updates as and when they become available.

BOOKINGS and PAYMENT:  Please contact me using the form below for further enquiries or to make a booking. 

I welcome payment in advance for my services via PayPal.

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‘special mention should go to the wonderful Mr Guerrero who J has been lucky to have had as his English teacher for both GCSE and A Level.  He has been a great mentor for J, nurturing his confidence and instilling a passion for English which has been the highlight of J’s education to date. He is one of those special teachers that students remember all their lives, so thank you.’ - Parents of J (GCSE and A Level)

‘Mr Guerrero deserves a huge thank you for the major impact he’s had on S.  I’ve never known her to feel at such ease with a teacher, for her to actually be able to speak up within class or to feel comfortable to approach a teacher and ask for help’ - Mother of S (A Level)

‘The best teacher I’ve ever had / will ever have … there is no chance anyone else on the planet could make me understand, and dare I say, enjoy Shakespeare!’ - N (GCSE and A Level)

‘you have inspired me so much … thank you for shaping my love of literature into what it is today - my dream to study it at university was an impossibility, and with your belief in me, it is now a reality.’ - B (GCSE and A Level)

‘Your teaching has really made a difference to me.’ - C (GCSE)

‘more than anything … Thank you for not giving up on me when I’d given up on myself.’  G (A Level)

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